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Have faith in your vote.

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Why should I vote Christian?

It is very important to vote Christian in the upcoming European elections. Christian parties and candidates have a distinctive view on issues pertaining to the protection of human dignity, families and to an economy that works for everyone.

If you want to know how Christian candidates for the European Parliament voted on crucial reports introduced in the current Parliamentary term, click on How did they vote? to learn more.



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Here are our criteria for the selection of the candidates:

  • The candidate must have an explicit adherence to Christian principles in politics.
  • The candidate must uphold human dignity with a commitment to defend life from conception till natural death.
  • The candidate must be committed to stand for the family, based on the marriage between one woman and one man.
  • The candidate agrees that upbringing and education of children must remain focused on the interests of parents.
  • The candidate rejects racism in all its forms.
  • The candidate has not been found guilty by the authorities for fraud or any other form of serious misconduct.
  • The candidate will promote the freedom of religion and belief and its freedom of expression as fundamental blocks of democracy both within the EU as outside the EU.

We also consulted statements and declarations of different Christian organizations 
that were signed by candidates of the European elections. For more information click here:
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Questionnaire for the Candidates for the European Elections

Fill in the Questionnaire for the Candidates for the European Elections.


How did they vote?

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