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Privacy Policy

In conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation, the 'Faith In Your Vote' project will only use the results of questionnaire in the framework of the project as described on this website, i.e. for publication on the Faith In Your Vote' website.

All data collected by the questionnaire is obtain with your consent, which you confirm by ticking the box on privacy policy in the questionnaire. By doing so you agree with the following statement:
If you are a candidate in the 2019 European Elections, you agree that the information (name, national country, political opinions, religious and other beliefs) collected through your completion of this questionnaire can be published on the website of the 'Faith In Your Vote' project. Your email address will not be made publicly available.
You agree that all information on your Profile sent by emails to the coordinator of the project 'Faith In Your Vote' can be used for publication on the website of the 'Faith In Your Vote' project. Your data will only be used for the sake of this project.
This questionnaire uses Microsoft technology and server infrastructure. By completing it, you also agree to your data being stored on Microsoft systems, subject to the Microsoft terms and conditions.